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Who we are
The Mount Airy Greening Network is a group of local residents committed to making Mt Airy and all of Northwest Philadelphia a vibrant, livable, walkable urban eco-community.

We started out as four neighbors and friends who were interested in making our own lives more sustainable, as well as creating a vision for our neighborhood and city to support sustainable living. We now have over 75 people on our online discussion group, with a core group of 5-10 working on current projects.

MAGNet is a support group for local residents who are interested in sustainability and want to take personal steps to living that way. MAGNet is also an action group through which we embark on projects with a local face that address global concerns. See a one-page summary of our past projects.

What we're doing
Ameet & Meenal's latest efforts are related to the climate crisis. Al Gore brought global warming into our consciousness with his film An Inconvenient Truth. In response, we've developed the Form CO2 EZ, a paper-based carbon emissions calculator that can be filled out at the kitchen table. To this, we've added some Simple as well as Slightly Challenging action steps you can take to reduce global warming. We're also active in the Step It Up national action on climate change. See more about the Philadelphia-area action: StepItUpPhilly!.

Betsy's been actively thinking and writing about money. Not so much about making more of it, but how to best use it to promote our values of quality, voluntary simplicity, smaller environmental footprint, and just... pleasure. Read her latest blog.

Steve has been leading the group into the world of permaculture and also in defining what makes for a Sustainable Mt Airy.

Join us, if you'd like. Come to a meeting, contact one of our project leaders, or enter our online discussions. We're a fun group of people, and we'd love to welcome you!

page last updated: May 4, 2008